This Trimtech mower and line-trimmer combo offers all the tools you need to keep your lawn looking top-notch.

Trimtech 2400 watt mower and 650 watt line trimmer Combo
Buying a new lawnmower is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed – after all, the right one will last you for years. The Trimtech 2400 W electric mower may be a great buy on its own, but in this instance, it has an added attraction – a line trimmer and a Schuko plug extension cable as a combo deal!

Firstly, the mower itself. Designed for medium to large lawns, the Trimtech 2400 W electric mower boasts a powerful motor on a durable powder-coated, solid steel chassis. Equipped with a 450 mm solid cutting bar, this mower means business. The grass box, easily attachable at the rear, is useful during cutting, not only simplifying cleanup but also helping to collect weed seeds as you mow.

Trimtech 2400 watt mower and 650 watt line trimmer Combo
The mower’s large, sturdy wheels roll over the lawn easily, taking a lot of the manual effort out of mowing. The key to a healthy lawn is to cut at a slightly higher height regularly, rather than cutting the grass really short less often. Thankfully, this mower has 11 adjustable height settings, allowing you to start with a higher cut and work your way shorter.

Operating the mower is dead simple. Secure the cable to the hook attachment provided to prevent the cable from tugging on the plug. Plug in the extension lead and always remember to take note of where the lead is while cutting – you don’t want to cut it and electrocute yourself!

Trimtech 2400 watt mower and 650 watt line trimmer Combo
To start the mower, lift the front wheels to allow the blade to get up to speed before cutting, to reduce motor strain. Depress the safety switch, then squeeze the switch to start the motor. As a safety measure, the mower has a built-in brake that stops the motor and blade within seconds of releasing the trigger.

Maintenance is also straightforward. The blade can be resharpened, or replaced if necessary. Beyond that, there is nothing that needs to be serviced. Just look after your mower and keep it clean and it will last for years.

The other part of the combo is the Trimtech 650 W line trimmer – just the thing for finishing off your garden work. Designed for light domestic work, it is excellent at tidying edges along walls, paved areas and flower beds. It’s not meant for mowing entire lawns, which is why these two tools complement each other so well.

Trimtech 2400 watt mower and 650 watt line trimmer Combo
With an impressive trim arc of up to 300 mm and a head that spins at 11 000 RPM, the trimmer tackles little jobs beyond the scope of the mower easily. The handle features a clever design to loop and hook the cable to avoid any damage from tugging at the cable while you work and the edging wheel is another clever addition, making it easy to guide the trimmer along edges.

This really is a great combo for the keen gardener, offering both power and convenience in a single package. Builders stocks this all-in-one solution along with other Trimtech products, available both in-store and online at

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