This lawnmower has what it takes to get a big job done.

Ryobi RM 170
If your garden happens to be on the larger side, you’ll find great value in the Ryobi RM 170 lawnmower. With a four-bladed cutting disc and a cutting width of 480 mm and powered by a 2.8 kW engine, it is a serious piece of kit that will tackle a vast piece of grass without skipping a beat.

The power is delivered by a 170 cc four-stroke air-cooled petrol engine that is both quiet and efficient to operate. And because it’s a four-stroke, it’s also simple to maintain and operate – there’s none of the hassle of mixing the right ratio of two-stroke oil and petrol in a container before filling the fuel tank. No, with this model you simply pour regular unleaded petrol into the fuel tank, make sure the engine oil reservoir is topped up with sufficient four-stroke engine oil, then get on with the job. four-stroke engines are also noticeably quieter in operation than their four-stroke counterparts, which is a blessing in a quiet neighbourhood.

Ryobi RM 170
This lawnmower is sold ‘dry’, meaning it doesn’t come pre-filled with engine oil or petrol. An oil reservoir conveniently located on the side requires filling with approximately 400 ml of Ryobi four-stroke oil, until the dipstick indicates it’s almost full.

The engine is fixed to a durable steel deck that runs on rugged plastic wheels, which roll over even a long lawn, easily. The mower offers eight different cutting heights, ranging from 20 mm to 75 mm, and the 60-litre grassbox is easy to attach and detach, simplifying the collection and disposal of clippings.

Ryobi RM 170
When it comes to storage, the handlebars fold forward easily, reducing the machine’s footprint. Measuring in at 580 mm wide and tipping the scales at 27 kg, the RM 170 model is designed for both power and convenience.

Whether you’re looking for a compact mower for a small patch of lawn or this beast for a meadow, Builders has you covered with an extensive selection of Ryobi lawnmowers and other gardening tools. You can explore these offerings online at or visit your local store.

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