To keep your garden really neat, a trimmer is a great tool to use along with your mower.

Trimtech Line Trimmer 900 watt
While a lawnmower is unbeatable for mowing a big lawn, it can’t reach into those tight spots near walls and paved areas, leaving grass to grow long and untidy. This is where the Trimtech 900 W electric line trimmer steps in, designed specifically for light-duty domestic use.

The trimmer’s adjustable front handle caters to both left- and right-handed users and can be extended for optimal reach. Once adjusted, the trimmer rests comfortably in your hands, offering a well-balanced grip. A cable hook on the handle prevents the power lead from disconnecting as you work. Once you’re all set up, a simple squeeze of the trigger gets the trimmer’s head ready to tackle the task at hand.

Trimtech Line Trimmer 900 watt
Safety is a top priority when using a trimmer, so don’t skip the PPE. Use eye protection and wear long pants, closed shoes and gloves and never operate the trimmer without its grass deflector fitted.

The trimmer is fitted with a bump head that feeds more nylon line easily when the cutting edge gets too short or breaks. If you notice that the cutting arc is getting smaller, simply give the trimmer a firm knock against the ground while the motor is spinning and more line will be dispensed. There is also a blade inside the grass deflector to trim off any excess nylon.

Trimtech Line Trimmer 900 watt
When it’s time to replace the roll of nylon line in the head, just follow the straightforward process: unplug the trimmer, open the head, wind on the new line (making sure you follow the directional arrows), thread the line through the holes, then snap the head back into place.

The trimmer has a front guide wheel that makes it easy to run along the edge of a wall or paving for precise edges. For trimming flower bed edges or grass surrounding paved areas, tilt the trimmer sideways and use the wheel to keep things tidy.

All in all, the Trimtech 900 W electric line trimmer is the answer to maintaining impeccable lawn edges and is the perfect partner for a quality mower. This trimmer, as well as other Trimtech products including replacement trimmer line, is available at Builders, both in-store and online at

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