This 2-in-1 fertiliser and pesticide treats pests and gives the lawn what it needs to recover.

Wonder Lawn Pest and Green

We all aspire to a lush, well-kept lawn – that brilliant green under the summer sun and the plush carpet beneath our feet. So, we devote time, energy and even prayers to caring for our lawns, providing them with fertilizer, water and care, all in the hope of creating a picturesque outside area.

But there’s an unseen enemies lurking – pests like caterpillars, army worms, ants and termites that can wreak havoc on our lawns, turning our dreams into a nightmare. Enter Wonder Lawn Pest and Green – an innovative solution that is both a fertiliser and an insecticide in one – a powerful 2-for-1 deal for your lawn.

Wonder Lawn Pest and Green
The fertiliser portion of this product has a high nitrogen content of 160 g per kilo, as well as 40 g per kilo of both phosphorus and potassium. In gardening terms, this is a 4-1-1 fertiliser. The high nitrogen content contributes to good plant growth and yield, which we need to help the lawn recover from the attacks of pests.

Added to this recipe is a very small amount of imidacloprid, which is a contact and stomach poison for caterpillars in both the larval and adult stages of the life cycle. After all, the quicker we can disrupt the life cycle, the easier it is to control the pest.

One of the earliest signs of a lawn caterpillar infestation is a patch of dead grass, caused because the caterpillars have eaten the roots of the lawn. Baby caterpillars can also often be found feeding on the new growth of the lawn, although to see them you need to search at night, which is when they emerge.

Application is straightforward: wear a pair of impermeable gloves and apply 60 g of Wonder Lawn Pest and Green per square meter to your lawn. Do not to exceed more than one application every four weeks. This application effectively poisons the caterpillars and other pests while simultaneously fertilising the lawn. If your soil is very dry, it is recommended to water in advance – even the day before application. Once you have applied the fertiliser, it needs to be watered in thoroughly to allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Wonder Lawn Pest and Green
After use, wash your hands carefully with liquid soap and water and store the product out of reach of children and pets. Unfortunately, Wonder Lawn Pest and Green is harmful to bees, aquatic life and wildlife, so use it cautiously and only when necessary. Wonder Lawn and Pest should only be applied to localised areas where there is evidence of a pest problem and not as a wholescale preventative product.

Gardening doesn’t have to be difficult and with wonderful products like these it’s certainly that much easier to achieve your dream lawn. The Wonder range of fertilisers and plant foods is available at Builders, both in-store and online at

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