When choosing light bulbs, it’s all in the colour of the light they emit

  1. LED lamps – sustainable with new products available all the time in warm and cool light options.
  2. Compact fluorescent – are available in a variety of light colours, including warm, which gives off white to yellow tones. While CFL bulbs may be more costly upfront, they use much less electricity and last about ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  3. Halogen – these produce the “whitest” light of any bulb. Capable of producing up to 30% more light, halogen is excellent for general lighting. Because of their clean, clear light, they are especially well-suited to task-lighting and bathrooms.

White light bulbs are closer to daylight so your colour choices can be more versatile – you can go pale or bright and it will look great. LED lights are cooler and give off a bluish glow, which works well with cool pastels for a more contemporary look, or you can warm the space up with warm yellow hues.

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