Whether your walls will be dancing in the moonlight or basking in the sunshine, it’s important to consider how a room is lit, the angles of the sun, and the placement of light fixtures, when choosing your paint colours.

In addition to the architecture, materials and finishes, there are a number of factors which will affect the colour of the paint on the wall. These include things such as which way the room faces and whether it gets natural or artificial light. Rooms that get all-day sunlight are the easiest to decorate, because they can handle just about any colour.

To make the most of a room that gets the morning sun, paint the walls in pale blues or greens. This will keep the space feeling fresh and light in the afternoon.

Rooms that get the late afternoon sun tend to be cooler in the mornings and then warm up later in the day. For a bright look in the morning, go for sunny yellows which will keep it looking bright in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Or choose a catch-all colour in pale greys for a warm but light and airy feel.

Don’t underestimate the effect artificial light can have on paint. Standard soft white LEDs radiate warm, natural light. This makes bright colours like red, orange or yellow really pop, while cooler colours in the green, blue and grey range will look more muted and serene. Rooms lit by artificial light look best in warm hues. That’s why they’re such a popular choice for families when hanging out in rooms or other spaces that tend to be used in the evening.

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