Fired Earth Tuscan Coat is an elegant paint option for both indoors and outdoors.

Fired Earth Tuscan Coat
Choosing the paint finish in a room or for the exterior of a home is all-important – not just the colour, but the paint itself. These days there are innumerable paint finishes and textures available in every hue under the Tuscan [sic] sun, but it is common for people to turn to the classics when they want their home to look stylish and classy.

Tuscan Coat is one of these timeless classics, available in six natural pastel hues, giving a subtle texture to the wall. It is another quality paint offering from Fired Earth – a premium light sandstone textured acrylic coating with a delightful natural matt finish. It is both UV and all-weather resistant and also exhibits outstanding adhesion on properly prepared surfaces, with minimum odour on application. It also has 10-year guarantee, which indicates the sort of quality it offers.

Fired Earth Tuscan Coat
Tuscan Coat is a master at concealing hairline cracks and plaster imperfections, giving your walls a flawless appearance. Thanks to the quick overcoat time of just four hours, you can get two coats done in a single day. Its water-based formula ensures user-friendly application and easy cleanup, which makes your painting project a breeze.

While Tuscan Coat is designed for walls, it can also be used on your wooden skirtings as long as you use a wood primer beforehand.

Fired Earth Tuscan Coat

Prep and application

If you’re gearing up for a painting project, taking the time to prepare your surfaces properly can make all the difference in achieving a flawless finish.

Before you even think about picking up a paintbrush, have a close look at your walls. If they’re dirty or grimy, it’s crucial to clean them thoroughly and sugar soap is a fantastic product for this task. Follow the instructions on the pack and get scrubbing. It will help to remove grime and dust, creating a smooth surface for your paint to adhere to. After cleaning, wipe down the walls with a cloth and clean water, then allow the area to dry completely.

Fired Earth Tuscan Coat
Next, inspect your walls for any imperfections, such as holes or cracks. Use a scraper to press crack filler into these areas, then let it dry. Once dry, sand the crack filler smooth and wipe off the dust with a damp rag.

To ensure a professional finish, it’s best to remove curtain rails, plug points and light switches that have removable covers before you start painting. This prevents unsightly blocks or touch-up marks. Masking off areas you don’t want to paint and along the ceiling where walls meet the ceiling, will give you clean lines and a polished look. Proper preparation is the key to a successful painting project, so take your time and do it right.

Fired Earth Tuscan Coat
With all the prep work complete, it’s finally time to get painting. Remember to lay down a drop sheet to protect your floors and wear old clothes or a dust coat to avoid staining your favourite outfit. Always ensure you mix your paint thoroughly before starting. If the paint has separated, a quick spin with a paint mixer will blend it back together, ready for use. Two coats of paint are highly recommended to achieve a consistent and vibrant colour. You’ll be amazed at the difference between one and two coats, as the latter will effectively cover any bleed-through from the original colour.
Fired Earth Tuscan Coat
For ceilings, start with two coats of Fired Earth Walls and Ceilings paint in a plain white. Follow up with two coats of Fired Earth Tuscan Coat on the walls for a beautiful finish. Both of these paints can be applied with a brush or roller and if you need to reach higher spots, a painter’s pole can be a helpful tool.

And that’s it – with a quality paint like Tuscan Coat from Fired Earth, you can give your home a timeless appeal in just a day. Remember, Fired Earth paints and painting products are stocked by Builders, both in-store and online at

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