The range of fencing from First Dutch Brands is easy to use, functional and great to look at. Here’s how to install it.

DIY Fencing

Fencing in your garden and around your home has so many uses: it keeps small dogs in, big dogs out, small children off the road and can also be used to add extra privacy. Builders now stocks the First Dutch Brands fencing products and accessories and they make DIY fencing a walk in the park!

The First Dutch Brands fencing features sturdy 15 mm x 15 mm square tubing, powder-coated for added protection against the elements, to ensure a considerably extended lifespan. These panels have dimensions of 1.22 m wide and 910 mm high. While they fall just short of the required legal height for swimming pool fencing (which needs to be at least 1.2 m above ground), they are an ideal choice for most other home fencing projects.

DIY Fencing

Before you put up a fence, carefully plan where it is going to go – if there’s a set of garden steps or a pathway, you will obviously need it to line up with that. Lay out the fencing where it is going to go and remember that the gate sections are slightly narrower than the others. Line up the gate with the steps or path and work from there. These sections can be curved or turned to form a 90° corner but they are a fixed size and can’t be adjusted for width.

Once you’re happy with where everything is going to go, get some assistance because having a second pair of hands will make this far quicker and easier.

DIY Fencing

This fence uses a clever system of eye loops and stakes. Simply line up the eye loops with a stake, insert the stake through the loops and drive it into the ground with a rubber mallet. (Don’t use a metal hammer – this will damage the stakes!) Repeat this simple process for the rest of the fencing sections. If the ground is really hard, use a piece of steel rebar and hit it into the ground where the stake is going to go, to open up a hole and then carry on with the installation.

When you get to the gate, ensure that the gate loops are above the fencing loops, or the gate will simply slide down the stake. Fit it as you do the rest.

DIY Fencing

These fences can also be secured to a timber post, brick wall or concrete floor. The fencing actually comes with the necessary mounting brackets and other hardware for these options.

This product makes the installation process of a fence incredibly straightforward and quick. Another advantage is that this doesn’t require any permanent fixtures, so you can move this fence whenever you want to.

Builders stocks a full range of First Dutch Brands fencing (and rubber mallets!) as well as many other products from First Dutch Brands, both in-store and online at

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