Patio furniture and braais often stand unused for days or weeks on end – why not cover them between uses so that they stay clean and last longer?

So many of us have furniture on our patios, where it stands unused for days or weeks, frequently exposed to rain, mist, dust or sun. The result of this exposure is that plastic becomes brittle or fades, metal furniture rusts, wood cracks – it’s a mess! But it’s a mess that we can prevent, just by getting a good quality cover!

Covers for patio furniture
Builders stocks patio covers in two main ranges: the budget option and the premium offering. The budget covers are easily recognisable by their deep green colour and are made from a strong and durable plastic polymer – HDPE (High density polyethylene) fabric. These covers are suitable for use under shelter but are not meant for prolonged exposure to the sun. They come in different sizes and are designed to slip onto the furniture easily. Certain covers have elasticated hems in strategic areas to provide a snug fit, preventing them from blowing off during windy conditions. An added advantage is that they can double up as tablecloths for kids’ parties or braais, making them quite versatile.
Covers for patio furniture
The premium covers are made of soft felt-backed ripstop polyester, with a polyurethane layer for waterproofing. The ripstop design minimises the risk of tearing, which ensure they can be used for many years. Like the budget range, the premium covers come in various sizes, from single chair covers to two and three-seater covers, as well as covers for entire patio sets. These are suitable for use on furniture that remains outdoors permanently, although it’s still advisable to keep the furniture under cover whenever possible. They also include rust-proof toggles and are locally manufactured and there are a wide selection of covers to choose from.
Patio covers
Once you’ve got your furniture covered, it’s a good idea to consider covering things such as your braais and umbrellas. Braais often get left outside or stored in garden sheds and using a cover will help to prevent cobwebs from forming on the grid and also rust. Warning: Always ensure that the braai is completely cold before placing the cover over it to avoid any safety hazards.
These covers are a simple solution that will keep your patio furniture in the best possible condition. As we’ve said, these covers are available from Builders, both in-store and online at
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