Welcome to your Summer Gardening Guide. We hope you enjoy a wonderful season of plant care.

Pre-season gardening

Summer is coming. Pre-season gardening

We all love a warm summer’s day. The weather is fine and the flora fabulous! But without a gorgeous garden to enjoy, is it even really summer? Let’s put our green fingers to work this season so nature can show us its finest.

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climate zone featured

Gardening per climate zone

Summer and weeds arrive at more or less the same time, unfortunately – and in all gardens around the country. No matter where you live in south africa, make sure you weed your garden regularly to prevent an unwanted takeover.

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perfect poinsettia

Get festive with the merry and bright poinsettia

All South African microclimates love the vibrant red and white poinsettia, so gardeners around the country can celebrate the festive season in style! Poinsettias make a stunning table centrepiece and look lovely in pots and planters too – an ideal plant décor choice for the holiday season.

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seasonal summer tips and tricks

For the love of summer. Gardening tips and tricks

Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s time to take our gardening efforts to the next level! Learn how to plant three of summer’s finest veggies, as well as the star of the summer garden: the delicious passion fruit. Prepare your lawn for warmer weather with help from our maintenance tips.

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Passionate about Granadillas

Sweet and sour in all the right ways! The seasonal passion fruit, or granadilla, is a favourite among South African gardeners. Plant passion fruit vines as soon as you can to enjoy a luscious harvest come next summer. Don’t have the garden space for growing passion fruits? Plant vines in pots for an aesthetic and portable addition to your terrace or balcony.

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lawn vita boost

Give your lawn the summer vita-boost it needs

Summer lawn care is all about the right mowing height and fertiliser. If you want to enjoy glorious green blades this season, the tips below might come in handy.

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colour boost

Brighten flower beds with Wondersol Colour Boost

Wondersol® Colour Boost brings bright, beautiful blooms, thanks to its unique colour-enhancing and growth-stimulating formula. Not only does this product help plants absorb soil nutrients needed for healthy flowering, but it also protects them during periods of stress and trauma. So you can rest assured your favourite annuals will bounce back with blooms blazing!

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