Atlantic Fertiliser’s Bio Rock Root Builder Plus is the perfect plant starter and you should be using it in your garden. Here’s why!

Bio Rock Root Builder Plus

We all know that our plants need fertiliser, but there are so many options in the aisle at your local Builders and they are not all made equal. How are we supposed to know which one is best for our garden?

Atlantic Fertiliser has been around for years now and we love their range of organic products. Bio Rock Root Builder Plus is the newest addition to their offerings. Until recently it has only been available commercially and it is the fertiliser that professional growers and landscapers use for everything from crops and veggies to flowers, trees and lawns.

Bio Rock Root Builder Plus
Bio Rock is high in all the macro- (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and micro-nutrients that plants need for healthy foliage and roots and for flower and fruit development. It also contains humic and fulvic acid, two of the basic building blocks of good soil. Because it contains this wide range of nutrients, it is a wonderful product for everything from flower gardens, ornamental beds and veggie gardens to lawns and roses.

Application is simple: when planting flowers and veggies, apply two handfuls of Bio Rock for every square metre of soil, dropping the fertiliser into the planting hole. For lawns, apply the two handfuls directly to the prepared soil before laying down the lawn. For roses, shrubs and trees, use four handfuls in the planting hole, mixed with the soil.

Bio Rock Root Builder Plus
After planting, use two handfuls per square metre on established lawns or flower beds and around established trees and shrubs, every six – eight weeks. Remember to water fertiliser in after application to get it into the soil.

Remember, because Bio Rock is an organic product, it isn’t a problem if you use too much of it in the garden or if you don’t water it in immediately – it won’t harm the plants or the soil and it will break down and remain there until the plant needs it. This makes it incredibly water-wise to use in the garden, as does the fact that this product feeds the soil and improves its water-holding capacity.

Bio Rock Root Builder Plus
Finally and also importantly, this is an environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly product.

This is an exceptional product, used by grape farmers to produce export-quality grapes, by our farmers who grow delicious vegetables as also by Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. It is proudly South African and certified by EcoCert to be organic and environmentally-friendly. There really is not a single reason not to use Bio Rock in your garden!

Atlantic Fertiliser’s Bio Rock Root Builder Plus is available in 2 kg and 5 kg bags, both in-store at your local Builders and online at, as are all Atlantic Fertiliser’s top-quality products.

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