Before you dive into the mowing season, ensure your lawnmower is up to the task.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers

With spring around the corner, it’s time to think about getting your lawnmower ready for action – make sure it is serviced and ready to hit the grass running. But if you’re in the market for a new petrol lawnmower, or if it’s time to buy your first one, consider one of the fantastic options offered by Ryobi. Let’s take a closer look at three impressive models from Ryobi’s lineup: the RM 125, RM 145 and RM 170.

Each of these models is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke, air-cooled petrol engine. The beauty of a 4-stroke engine is that you don’t need to worry about mixing oil into the fuel – a convenience that makes using it that much simpler. However, when you first receive your lawnmower, keep in mind that it arrives dry from the factory, meaning that you’ll need to add both engine oil and unleaded petrol to get it up and running. After some basic assembly, your new lawnmower will be ready to roll.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of these three models. The model numbers – RM 125, RM 145 and RM 170 – correspond to the cubic centimetres (CC) of each model’s engine. While all three models share several features, there are some notable differences worth discussing.

Let’s start with the RM 125: this mower is designed for small gardens and has a cutting width of 410mm. In contrast, the RM 145 and RM 170 boast larger cutting widths of 480mm, making them suitable for medium and large gardens respectively. The distinction between small, medium and large lawns isn’t set in stone and depends on factors like cutting frequency and grass thickness. For more efficient handling of longer grass and reduced engine strain, a more robust motor is the way to go.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers
When it comes to weight and dimensions, the RM 125 weighs in at 20kg and is 480mm wide. The larger models, RM 145 and RM 170, weigh 27kg and have a rear wheelbase of 580mm.

Each of these mowers comes equipped with a grass catcher box that easily attaches to the rear. (Remember to switch off the mower before removing the grass box.) The RM 125 offers a 7-step height adjustment, with a maximum cutting height of 65mm. On the other hand, the RM 145 and RM 170 feature 8 steps, allowing a maximum cutting height of 75mm. Bear this is mind if you prefer a longer lawn.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers
All three models sport a sturdy steel deck and plastic wheels, but where the RM 125 features a solid bar blade, its larger counterparts come with four individual swing blades. Keeping the blades sharp is easy, and replacements are readily available at Builders if they’re needed.

These lawnmowers come as ‘flat packs’ requiring a bit of assembly before they’re ready to mow. You’ll need to attach the grass box and secure the collapsible handlebars in place. The collapsible design of the handlebars adds a touch of convenience to storage.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers

Starting these lawnmowers is a breeze: you just need to prime the fuel lines and pull the recoil starter to bring them to life. One impressive feature is the relatively quiet operation of these motors compared to the traditional racket of old-school 2-stroke engines – a pleasant change to any garden.

Maintenance for these mowers is straightforward: regularly cleaning the air filter throughout the cutting season is essential, while you might need to change the oil and possibly the spark plug once a season. Should more comprehensive servicing be necessary, any lawnmower service centre can handle the job, and as Ryobi is a major brand, spare parts are easily accessible.

Get ready to conquer your overgrown summer grass with a high-quality petrol lawnmower from Ryobi. These models, as well as a large range of other mowers, can be found at Builders – either in the physical stores or online at

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