Ryobi has two brushcutters in its range and they are great options for the home gardener.

Ryobi brushcutter range
Brushcutters are such versatile tools and are one of the most convenient ways of keeping your garden neat, no matter how big it is. They excel at trimming edges of a lawn and along pathways and can even be used to mow a small lawn. The metal brushcutter blade also deals with thicker stuff with ease, so when you’ve got a brushcutters you’ve got no excuse for an untidy garden!

Ryobi offers two petrol brushcutters in its range, one with a 52 cc engine and the other with a 43 cc engine. Let’s look at what they offer and which one would suit your needs.

First up, why would you choose a petrol machine instead of an electric one? There are a few advantages, but the main ones are not having to worry about a long extension cord or the limited runtime of a battery and not having to take loadshedding into account. Simply assemble, fill up the tank, start it up and get cutting!

Ryobi brushcutter range

Firstly, let’s look at the similarities of the two machines. Both come with a trimmer blade as well as a metal brushcutting blade for heavier jobs.

Both machines are lightweight and offer low vibration operation for reduced operator fatigue, while the U-shaped bullhorn handles have easily accessible operation buttons, which makes them extremely user-friendly. They have harnesses that must be used while cutting to ensure easy and safe handling of the machines.

Both models have two-stroke engines and a fuel mixing bottle is included to make the process of creating the right fuel-oil mixture easier. Starting them is the same process for both: once you’ve mixed the fuel, fill the tank while avoiding spilling fuel on the lawn. To start the weed eater, turn the switch on, prime the fuel lines by pressing the bulb about 10 times until fuel flows, set the choke to off and pull the start cable until the machine sounds ready. Then set the choke lever to on, press the safety lever and throttle lever simultaneously, then pull the starter handle until the engine starts. Let the weed eater idle to warm up while you put on the harness. Attach the weed eater to the harness, which has a quick-release mechanism for added safety and you’re ready to roll.

Ryobi brushcutter range

As with most similar machines, the engines are air-cooled, with the centrifugal clutch engaging when the rpm increases and the cutting head starts spinning.

Now for the differences: the 43 cc model reaches a maximum rpm of 6500 and uses a fuel-oil mix of 25:1 (unleaded petrol with two-stroke oil). In contrast, the 52 cc model can achieve 7500 rpm with the nylon head and up to 8800 rpm with the brush cutter head and uses a 40:1 fuel-oil mix. The 43 cc model has a 1.25 L fuel tank while the 52cc model has a tank of 1 L. Ultimately, it comes down to power: the 52 cc model offers more power, especially noticeable when using the brushcutting head, so if you’re going to be doing more brushcutting, opt for the bigger unit.

Ryobi brushcutter range

When changing the cutting head, remember to disconnect the spark plug lead for extra safety. Switching between the two heads is quick with the provided tools – lock the head in place with a hex wrench and unthread it. Then change the head, replace the flange and tighten it with the large nut. Before starting, make sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment like boots, ear protection, safety goggles and gloves.

These brushcutters require some assembly, but it easy and the manual guides through all of the steps.

Builders stocks both of these brushcutters, along with many other garden and power tools from Ryobi, both in-store and online at Builders.co.za.

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