Get creative: design and decorate a striking mural for a personalised focal wall.

Materials you will need:

  • PVA paint
  • ladder
  • drop sheets
  • crack filler
  • masking tape
  • paint spatula
  • wire brush
  • brushes and rollers
  • paint tray

Step 1

First sketch your design on a piece of paper; decide on the final dimensions and colours. If you’re a confident artist, use a pencil to draw your design directly onto the wall and simply erase any mistakes.

Step 2

When you’re happy with your drawing, start to add colour. Begin with lighter colours, adding the darker ones afterwards.

Top Tip

To help you to remember which colour is which when you paint sample colours on the wall, stick a piece of masking tape below each swatch and write the name of the paint on it.


Referenced from Gallo images / Home Magazine

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