Give your old chest of drawers a new look with a colourful tropical trend.


  1. Remove hardware/ knobs from the chest of drawers and give the chest of drawers a light sanding, then dust off before painting.
  2. Place the chest of drawers on a drop sheet and lay out the drawers side by side for easier painting. Start by painting a coat of the multi-surface primer on the surface of the chest of drawers covering all the parts of drawer that you want the new coat of colour paint to adhere to.
  3. Determine which colours match or compliment your chosen fabric.
  4. Once the paint is dry, it is time to cover the top of the chest of drawers using clear Polyurethane and the fabric.
  5. Always read the instructions on the polyurethane product packaging to make sure the proper steps are followed and safety precautions taken into consider.
  6. Apply another coat of polyurethane on top of the fabric and allow to dry over 2 hours, before applying another coat.
  7. Once the top starts to dry and harden, you can use scissors to make a clean cut on the edges of the surface and remove excess fabric.
  8. Reattached new or existing hardware or knobs back to the chest of drawers. For this project new oak wood knobs were used to compliment the new tropical look of this chest of drawers.
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