Not only are visible locks a visual deterrent, but a strong physical barrier such as a lock or security gate can be the difference between a break-in and an unsuccessful attempt.

Different types of barrier security

  • Deadbolts: Your door’s only as strong as its lock. A deadbolt is by far the strongest kind of lock.
  • Security gates: Security gates make powerful physical barriers, but, like even the strongest lock, they rely on the householders using them. Unlocked doors and gates, and alarms that aren’t activated, are gold for opportunistic burglars.
  • Padlocks: Put a solid, prominent padlock on the garden shed – so potential criminals don’t have access to ladders, tools, or anything that might be helpful to them.

Top Tip: Place a wooden dowel stick or metal rod in the track of sliding doors or windows so that they cannot be forcibly opened.

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