Thanks to wireless technology, security cameras are easy to install, and thanks to smartphone technology, some can be checked from wherever you are.

Door phones, and especially units with cameras, improve security by allowing you to identify anyone who rings at your door or gate without having to open it or allow them access to your property or home.

Cameras act as a visual deterrent to burglars. Because so many are wireless, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a real one and a dummy camera at a glance. Mount strategically-placed dummy cameras to put off would be intruders at a fraction of the cost.

Best places to mount security cameras

  • Front door: Most break-ins occur via the front door, so this is the most useful position to prioritise.
  • Back door: The second most common point of entry.
  • Yard/driveway: These outdoor areas are often protected from the eyes of passers-by and make hiding spots for would-be intruders, not to mention the fact that they often have valuables stashed around, from cars and bicycles to gardening and recreational equipment.
  • Gate: Much like an intercom-mounted camera, a camera at the gate allows you to identify visitors before you let them in. Place them too high to reach, so they can’t be broken or disarmed. Ensure cameras and intercom videos have night-vision capabilities.
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