Show your patriotism at your doorstep with this fun DIY South African flag duckboard. Such an easy DIY!

Tools for the job

  • Electric drill with 4mm wood bit
  • Paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil


  • 92 x 22mm pine planks in the following lengths:
  • Four 400mm P1
  • Eight 600mm P2
  • Harlequin Wood Primer
  • Dulux Gloss Enamel – white, black, Signal Red, Golden Yellow, Brilliant Green, Kingfisher Blue
  • 4 x 40mm cut screws
  • Wood glue

Download the template 

Step 1

Measure the width of the P1 on either end of two of the P2 planks. Then measure 140mm in from each mark and mark out the width of the P1 on these marks again. This is where you will attach the crossbars.

Step 2

Place the two P2s you’ve been working on parallel to each other about 300mm apart. Add a dash of glue on all the marks you’ve made.

Step 3

Place the P1s at a right angle on the marks with the ends flush.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes and attach with screws.

Step 5

Lay out the remaining P2s equally spaced between the ones on either edge. Secure them in place with glue and screws.

Step 6

Prime the wood – Harlequin’s waterbased wood primer is easy to clean and fast drying. A sponge roller is a handy application tool.

Step 7

Draw the shape of the South African flag on the duckboard.

Top Tip: Draw a cross from corner to corner to help guide you as you mark up the design.

Step 8

Mask off where the red, green, blue and black panels will be and paint with two coats of enamel in the appropriate colour, letting the paint dry between coats.

Step 9

Once the second coat has dried, remove the masking tape.

Step 10

Now mask around the area where you’ll paint the yellow and white lines

Top Tip

Cut the masking tape with a steel ruler and craft knife to create sharp edges at the corners.

Step 11

Paint with two coats of enamel in the appropriate colour, letting the paint dry between coats. Remove the masking tape once the second coat has dried.

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