Spruce up an old side table with a bold geometric design – a fun addition to your garden or home!

Materials you will need:

  • 100-grit sandpaper
  • Dulux Wood Primer
  • interior paint in the colour of your choice; we used Dulux Acrylic PVA in Black
  • blue painter’s tape
  • spray paint in a contrasting colour; we used Spraymate in Appliance White
  • permanent marker
  • craft knife

Step 1

After preparing the surface by sanding the wood and cleaning the dust off thoroughly with a damp rag, paint it with a coat of wood primer.

Step 2

Cover the surface with two layers of PVA, allowing it to dry thoroughly in-between coats.

Step 3

When the paint is completely dry, cover the tabletop with painter’s tape, overlapping each piece slightly.

Step 4

Draw your design onto the masking tape using a permanent marker. Keep in mind that it is generally more effective to create a geometric pattern.

Step 5

Use your craft knife to cut out pieces of the pattern that you want to see in the contrasting colour, leaving some tape as a mask for the darker base colour. Be careful not to press too hard as you might cut into the wood.

Step 6

Spray a few coats of the contrasting colour onto the surface; in this instance, the white Spraymate.

Step 7

Leave the paint to dry completely before removing the tape to reveal your pattern. You can then seal the finished top with a thin coat of clear varnish to make the surface more durable.

Now your DIY tribal table is complete and ready to be added to your garden!


Referenced from Gallo Images / Home Magazine

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