Creating an optimal environment for your trees, plants, bulbs and seedlings is as important as choosing them.

Follow these easy planting tips:

Before planting, make sure the soil is well drained, as few plants will thrive in ground that remains waterlogged for any length of time.

Dig a large, square hole, at least three times the size of the container, and break up the ground at the bottom to allow the roots to penetrate the crust. The soil in the container should be thoroughly wet before planting.

Step 1: Prepare the hole

Prepare the soil mixture in the hole: the best mixture is one part compost, two parts soil from the hole. To this add a general fertiliser and organic bone meal. For acid-loving plants, use one part acid compost to two parts soil from the hole and add 60 grams of bone meal.

Step 2: Place the plant

Make an opening in the prepared hole just a little larger than the plant’s container. Remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole, taking care not to disturb its roots.

Step 3: Position the plant

Remember to position the plant at the same level as the surrounding soil line. If it appears to be root-bound, you can encourage new growth by teasing open the perimeter roots at the bottom before placing it in the hole.

Top Tip: New plants need regular watering, but once established this can be reduced to two to three times a week, depending on your climate, rainfall and plant choices. Deep infrequent watering is better than light frequent watering.

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