Follow these guidelines and protect your garden from pests. Take protective action to prevent your plants and edible crops being damaged by insect attacks.

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Most insects are influenced by climate conditions and are fairly easy to identify. It’s best to begin protective spraying as soon as the pest is first observed, when you can achieve control after one or two applications.

Why do we use pesticides?

The crop protection industry’s primary aim is to enable farmers to grow an abundant supply of food in a safe manner and prevent costs from increasing. About 20-40 % of the world’s potential crop production is lost annually because of the effects of weeds, pests and diseases, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Pesticides are vital to increasing food production and keeping food prices stable. Even after harvest, crops are subject to attack by pests or diseases, so in addition to increasing crop yields, crop protection products used in stored products can also prolong the viable life of produce, making it safe to eat. As a result, a population now nearly twice as large has more food available per capita than 40 years ago.

Efekto protection products keep your plants healthy and immune from damage caused by pests and diseases. Protection products, whether they are made from natural products, chemicals or synthetics, are perfectly safe for you, your plants and the environment, provided they are used responsibly. Responsible and environment-friendly gardeners should only use protection products that are registered for use against the particular pest you need to control.

How long do you have to wait before you can harvest?

All chemical insecticides, such as Efekto Malasol, Efekto Aphicide and Efekto Eco insect Control SC which are registered for use on edible crops, must have a withholding period before harvest (explained on the bottle or on a leaflet), and if you keep to this safety period the residue levels will not be hazardous to your health.

The safety periods can vary from 1-30 days and even longer, depending on the pesticide and the crop. For example, Efekto Malasol used on tomatoes has a one-day withholding period.

Efekto Eco Insect Control SC used on cabbage has a seven-day withholding period, but on peas, a one day withholding period. Efekto Malasol and Efekto Cypermethrin 200EC are versatile pesticides that solve most problems in the vegetable garden.

Efekto Eco Insect Control SC with the active Spinosad, has a very low toxicity towards warm-blooded animals and is therefore one of the safer chemicals to use in the garden, especially if you have pets or livestock. On the other hand, Spinosad can be lethal for cold-blooded species, such as fish.

Remember, there is no spray – synthetic or natural – that can be classified a 100% safe or non-toxic, but one of the most eco-friendly pesticides to use on vegetables and herbs is Efekto Eco Insect Control SC. Efekto Eco Insect Control SC is a 100 % natural, organic spray that leaves little harmful residue after 12 hours, edible crops can be harvested after three days.


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