‘Pesticide’ is a word that arouses much emotion. For many farmers and home gardeners, pesticides are viewed as indispensable tools in pest-management programmes, but to others they are regarded as a source of human health problems and environmental damage.

Whatever your perception – positive or negative – of the value of pesticides, you’re bound to come into contact with them during your everyday activities. Insecticides, fungicides and herbicides are used to protect food crops and home gardens from pests. Pesticides control undesirable pests that threaten our homes, and protect people from disease vectors. Although we’ll continue to need pesticides for the foreseeable future, the good news is that pesticides used in the past will probably not be the pesticides of the future. Scientific and technical innovation have taken us from primitive self-sufficiency to a complex society of broad-spectrum, nonselective environmental toxicants and on to more pest-specific control agents that will cause minimal, unintended damage to our environment. A challenge faced by pesticide users will be learning how to integrate new pest control products and concepts into their management systems.

Appropriate hazard symbols must appear on the label together with the appropriate risk and safety phrases on the label. Examples of the symbols are shown below.


Referenced from Efekto , Green Fingers : Your gardening and product guide from Efekto

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