If you’re grinding and polishing, the angle grinder is the tool to use. It’s also capable of cutting the likes of bricks and stone and much more.

Commonly associated with cutting metal, an angle grinder actually has many additional uses. It’s also good for cutting stone, including bricks and paving blocks as well as high-tensile materials.

Different discs allow you to do different jobs. Straight-sided cutting discs can be used for cutting. Straight-sided depressed grinding discs can be used to grind off material. You can move a disc a bit further from the machine by installing a depressed centre cut-off wheel. It is important to ensure that you use the correct discs for the project you’re undertaking.

For example, the diamond disc blade is suitable to cut your blocks, bricks or tiles (always follow the manufacturer’s instructions). Flap wheels (metal/aluminium) on the other hand are designed for surface preparation and cleaning, finishing, paint and rust removal and grinding applications.

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