A hand-held circular saw is the best choice for home DIY and can cut wood, metal, bricks and stone, depending on the saw you choose.

To use a hand-held circular saw, simply clamp your work piece to your workbench and move the saw over it to make the cut. A clamped guide is useful when working with a circular saw. Never use blades that are not specified for an application.

Step 1

Choose the right blade for the material you are cutting and always read and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Step 2

Set the cutting depth. If you’re cutting right through something, make sure the teeth of the blade project 3mm beyond the material.

Step 3

Clamp the work piece to your workbench and draw a line where you want to cut it.

Step 4

Holding the saw with both hands, rest the front edge of the baseplate on the edge of the work piece and align the narrow guide notch with your marked cutting line.

Step 5

Start the saw and let it run up to full speed, then move it forwards until the blade begins the cut. Move the saw forwards slowly, with the baseplate flat on the work piece and the fence against its side (if using one).

Step 6

Let the saw run out at the end of the cut before releasing the trigger. Make sure the blade has stopped and the guard has sprung back into position before putting the saw down.

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