Why waste grey water from your home when you can use it to water your garden?

Connect a piece of pool pipe to a downpipe to re-direct grey water to your garden.
Tools for the job

  • PVC weld
  • hacksaw
  • 40mm lever tap
  • 40mm PVC pipe
  • 40mm union
  • 40mm Tee
  • pool pipe connector
  • pool pipes
  • tape measure
  • pencil

Step 1

Cut a short length of pipe and join the tap and Tee, using PVC weld to glue it firmly.

Step 2

Connect the union to the tap using another short piece of pipe and PVC weld.

Step 3

Measure and mark your downpipe, taking into account that the fittings will slip into each other, so you need to subtract the corresponding measurement from the overall.

Step 4

Cut the downpipe using a hacksaw

Step 5

Attach the Tee to the top of the downpipe. Fix with PVC weld.

Step 6

Connect the bottom section of the downpipe to the union and fix with PVC weld.

Step 7

Slip the hose connector into the end of the pool hose.

Step 8

Attach the hose to the Tee. Now you’re ready to channel your grey water to the appropriate plants in your garden.

Top Tip: Measure twice, cut once.

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