The basic rules of having paint in the home, and how to store it correctly. 

As much as paint and solvent technology have advanced, they’re still chemicals and need to be kept away from children. Observe these basic rules.

5 golden rules of home safety

  1. Teach everyone in your household the emergency telephone numbers and keep them next to the phone.
  2. Read all package inserts, labels and instructions.
  3. Attend a first aid course and ensure that anyone who is caring for your children does the same.
  4. Identify potentially unsafe objects, products and situations in and around your home and make them safe.
  5. Never dismiss children for reporting potential dangers. Reward them for their quick thinking and get them involved in safety.

How to store your paint safely

It’s vitally important that the safety precautions you take inside your home are applied outside too.

  1. Keep potential hazards out of the reach of children.
  2. Buy products that have reasonable child-safe closures.
  3. Keep products in their original packaging so they can be identified easily.
  4. Store products such as turpentine, paint, fertilisers, gas cylinders and pool chemicals away from the general living area.
  5. Always read the storage instructions on the pack and make sure you separate incompatible products.
  6. . Solvents should be stored away from other products to prevent contamination.
  7. Make sure that the storage area is cool, dry and well ventilated.
  8. Do not reuse or refill empty containers.
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