This machine from Ryobi is light but powerful – just the combination you want from a brushcutter.

Ryobi RBC 52cc petrol brushcutter
Working in the garden is not just a pastime; it’s a fulfilling activity that keeps our outdoor spaces well-maintained and looking great. There are so many tools available to make this task easier, but the Ryobi RBC 52 cc petrol brushcutter stands out as a reliable companion for all your lawn trimming needs.

First, why choose petrol over electric? Well, petrol-powered garden tools like this one offer several advantages over their electric counterparts, but the primary one is that you’re not bound by tangled cables or limited by power outlets. This means that you have the freedom to move around and tackle larger or more distant spaces without too much hassle. And with no electrical cords to worry about, there’s no risk of accidentally cutting them while working.

Ryobi RBC 52cc petrol brushcutter

This brushcutter has a 52 cc two-stroke engine, which requires a mixture of two-stroke oil and unleaded fuel. To simplify this process, it has with a fuel-mixing bottle. Follow the clear markings on the bottle, filling fuel to the lower line and oil to the top line, then give it a good shake. This particular engine needs a 40:1 mixing ratio, but this ratio does vary among different engines. Always fill fuel away from the grass to prevent any accidental spills that might damage your lawn.

Once the machine is ready, it is recommended that the operator dons the right personal protection equipment before use. By this we mean a pair of boots, ear protection, safety goggles and a pair of gloves.

The RBC 52 cc is fitted with a safety lever on the accelerator that must be depressed before the accelerator can be pressed, preventing accidental activation. It also has a deflector around the head to keep stones away from the operator.

Ryobi RBC 52cc petrol brushcutter
The brushcutter’s U-shaped handle and two-strap harness ensure a comfortable grip and even weight distribution, reducing user-fatigue over a long period. The on/off switch, throttle trigger and safety lever are all conveniently located on the right-hand handle for easy access and comfortable use.

The Ryobi is packaged with a cutting line spool and a metal cutting blade that can be swapped, depending on the task at hand. The hex key provided makes switching between the two cutting heads straightforward.

The nylon line head is a bump head, which means that you can let out more cutting line by tapping the head on the ground while cutting. The drive shaft can also be rotated 90°degrees, making trimming along edges a breeze.

Ryobi RBC 52cc petrol brushcutter
To start the brushcutter, fill the fuel tank with the mixed fuel and replace the cap securely. Prime the fuel lines by pressing the primer bowl about 10 times until you see fuel flowing. Set the choke to the off position and pull the start cable until the engine sounds like it wants to start. Then open the choke, slightly squeeze the throttle and pull until the engine starts. Allow the motor to idle for a few minutes to warm up properly while you put on the harness and attach the brush cutter securely.

After each use, remember to remove and clean the air filter to ensure the brush cutter runs smoothly.

All in all, this is a well-designed and well-made machine perfect for a domestic garden, be it for mowing a piece of lawn, trimming weeds or trimming the edge of lawns. Builders stocks a full range of garden tools from Ryobi, both in-store and online at

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