Mowing the lawn is a chore that has to happen, but you can make it more enjoyable with the right mower.

Ryobi Petrol Lawn Mowers

Meadow gardens may be all the rage, but not all of us want wild, untamed grass taking over every inch of our property. Meet the Ryobi RM 145, a 4-stroke petrol lawnmower designed for medium to large lawns.

If you’ve got a bigger garden, you’ll appreciate its wide cutting width (480 mm) and potent engine (2.5 kW). Speaking of the engine, the RM 145 boasts a 145 cc four-stroke forced-air-cooled petrol motor. Being four-stroke, there is no need to fuss with mixing petrol and oil as you would with a two-stroke engine; this machine runs on plain unleaded petrol. These 4-stroke engines are also far quieter than two-stroke engines so you’re less likely to irritate the neighbours when you mow.

The lawnmower is sold dry, which means that it hasn’t been prefilled with engine oil or petrol. The oil reservoir, conveniently located on the side, needs to be filled with around 400 ml of Ryobi four-stroke oil, until the dipstick shows it’s nearly full.

The engine is fitted to a strong and durable steel deck, with a four-bladed cutting disc below and the mower runs on rugged plastic wheels. The cutting height can be adjusted to eight different settings, ranging from 20 mm to 75 mm, while the generous 60-litre grassbox easily clips on and off.

For convenient storage, the handlebars fold forward easily and quickly so that the machine takes up less space. The overall width of the RM 145 is 540 mm and it weighs in at 27 kg.

Builders stocks a wide range of Ryobi lawnmowers and other gardening tools, available both online at and at your local store. 

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