Rust-Oleum WhiteDuo

Palettes Made Perfect with Paint

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Rust-Oleum WhiteDuo

Create the look

What you’ll need:

  • Drop sheet
  • Bulls Eye 123 Primer – spray on
  • Painter’s Touch 2X Bundle Pack – white


Apply 1x coat Bullseye 123 spray primer and allow to cure for 60 min. Shake the can well for at least a minute after you hear the ball begin to rattle.This will mix the primer before starting.

Rust-Oleum WhiteDuo

Top Tip

Don’t skip the prep and the priming when painting palette furniture – this wood sucks up paint and your project won’t work without this important step being completed.


Apply two to three light coats of Painter’s Touch 2X top coat allowing 30 min dry time between coats. Be sure to hold the can upright, 30cm from the surface, using slow steady hand motions to avoid drips and runs and slightly overlapping each stroke.


Second coats must be applied within 60 min of the first coat (whilst the first coat is touch dry) or after 48 hours (once the first coat has completely cured.) You can add a clear top coat from the same range to your repurposed, refreshed and renewed palette to add extra life and durability to your DIY project.

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