Paint what you feel

Okay, so it’s not the Sistine Chapel you’re painting, but every room is a canvas.

In fact, it’s safe to say that each room is its own masterpiece in the making, evoking its own mood and feel, which is why it will either accept or reject a colour. Spaces are much like people – each a little different from the next. It takes time to get to know them in order to figure out what will work in a space, and what won’t, so be a budding great master and listen to the vibe of the room.

Choosing colour has as much to do with your style and practical needs as it does with the light, scale architecture, materials and the furnishings in your home which is why it’s worth spending time getting to know your space. The more familiar you are with a room, the better you’ll be able to visualise your colour preferences in it. If it looks like a masterpiece in your mind, it’s time to get painting like a master.

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