You don’t need to replace old pots that are looking past their best – you just need to refresh them with this top-quality specialist paint.

Fired Earth Pot Paint

Do you have some old, weathered pots in your home that have seen better days? Perhaps they’ve been there since you moved into your house and you’re itching for a change. And no, we’re not talking about cooking pots, but those trusty garden pots that have been a part of your outdoor landscape for years! Trends evolve and pots can become stained or worn over time, or maybe you simply want to update your garden’s colour scheme. Whatever the reason, it’s time to give those pots a makeover!

Introducing Fired Earth Pot Paint – a fantastic addition to the Made by Me range of Fired Earth products, which lean towards the decorative side of painting. This innovative paint is perfect for refurbishing and revitalising your old or new garden pots, whether they are made of plastic, concrete or terra cotta. It’s ready to use straight from the tin and dries to a textured finish that effectively conceals imperfections. Best of all, there’s minimal preparation required and you don’t need a primer. Here’s the simple process of transforming your garden pots into stylish décor pieces.

Fired Earth Pot Paint
Start by preparing your pots. If your pots have loose or flaking paint, gently sand them with 80-grit sandpaper for a smooth surface. This also helps to remove any dirt or debris. Once you’re done, use a block brush to clean off the dust and dirt. If you use water when scrubbing your pots, make sure they’re completely dry before proceeding.

Stir the paint thoroughly and then use a medium-sized brush to apply an even coat to the pots. Make sure to paint the inside above the soil line as well as the exterior for a well-finished look. Allow about four hours the first coat to dry.

Fired Earth Pot Paint
Once the first coat has dried, apply a second coat of pot paint using a block brush. Here’s where you can let your imagination run wild and add some character and texture to your pots with the paint’s granular texture.

Fired Earth Pot Paint offers six colours to choose from and we particularly love the terracotta shade. With this, it’s easy to transform an ordinary pot into a fancy terracotta clay pot that matches your collection seamlessly.

The other colours are shades of grey, but there are definitely options that will suit the look you’re after. You could even turn a traditional terracotta pot into a stylish grey one! If you do, keep in mind that clay pots can absorb water over time, so you may need to repaint them every now and again. That’s a small price to pay for the stunning transformation you’ll achieve, though.

Fired Earth Pot Paint
When your pots have fully dried, plant with vibrant flowers or greenery and the difference will be truly remarkable – it’s a whole new look without breaking the bank!

Fired Earth Pot Paint is a quick and easy solution to revive your pots, refresh your garden’s look and indulge in a bit of décor therapy. Not only can you find the entire Fired Earth range at Builders, but you can also explore their extensive selection of pots and gardening essentials, both in-store and online at

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