If you’re looking for a new kettle, toaster or iron, Eiger has got you covered.

Eiger Air Fryer

Irons, kettles and toasters – if you’re not familiar with these kitchen appliances, then we have a problem! No, this isn’t a DIY blog on how to boil water or make toast (although I’m sure a few of you could do with a tutorial on ironing!) – it’s an introduction to the fantastic Eiger range of kitchen appliances, which is proudly stocked by Builders.


Eiger offers two kettles in their range: the Romana and the Linea Nero Series. The Romana comes in sleek black or pristine white, while the Linea Nero Series boasts a stylish matte black finish with stainless steel accents. Both kettles have a 1.7 L capacity, are cordless and have the same 1850 W – 2200 W elements for rapid boil time. They also have the same safety features: automatic shut-off and boil dry protection.

Eiger home appliances


The Eiger toaster collection complements the kettles perfectly, with their contemporary design. These two-slice toasters operate at 930 W and feature seven browning levels, adjustable via a convenient dial. Need to toast frozen bread? No problem. There’s a defrost function for that. And if you ever change your mind mid-toast, simply hit the cancel button.

Eiger home appliances


Last but not least, let’s talk about Eiger’s red-hot irons. The Eiger Oracle, a 2600 W single-temperature iron, features a ceramic-coated double soleplate and a self-cleaning mode. It also has a 400 ml water reservoir for the steam function, which is activated via a comfortable thumb button, as well as the usual spray button.

The 2200 W Angato iron offers variable temperature settings that can be set to cooler temperatures for delicate fabrics or cranked up for tougher jobs. The steam function kicks in at higher temperatures. But here’s the kicker: it can disconnect from the base, giving you the freedom of a cordless iron for jobs like ironing curtains or quickly touching up pillowcases! The ceramic-coated soleplate stays hot for around 30 seconds to a minute and reheats quickly when placed back on the base.

So the next time you find yourself at Builders, browsing paint and nuts and bolts, don’t forget to explore the Eiger home appliance section. Alternatively, you can shop online at builders.co.za for the full range of Eiger products.

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