Eiger is a company that manufactures small home appliances, offering quality products at great prices.

Eiger Air Fryer
Passionate about good food and cooking? Having the right kitchen appliances can make your culinary experience that much more enjoyable. Here’s a quick rundown of some Eiger appliances available at Builders:


It’s hard to start your day without a cup of something hot and that begins with a good kettle! The Linea Nero 1.7 L kettle (2200 W) has a stylish stainless-steel body and cold-touch design and is available in black. The Romana kettle is also 1.7 L and comes in either black or white. Both kettles feature a concealed heating element, boil-dry protection and are cordless for convenience.

Eiger home appliances


Match your kettles with Linea Nero or Romana toasters. Both offer seven browning levels and defrost/reheat options for frozen bread. They also have a great feature called automatic centring that ensures even toasting on both sides.

Kitchen appliances covered by Eiger

Nutri Blender

The Vortex Nutri Blender is a versatile eight-piece set, perfect for making smoothies, grinding coffee, making sauces and 1001 other jobs in the kitchen. With a 1000 W motor and both cutting and grinding blades, it’s a culinary powerhouse.

Jug Blender

The 550 W Jug Blender operates similarly to the Nutri Blender but is designed for larger quantities with its 1.5 L glass jug. It has two-speed settings and the all-important pulse function. Everything is dishwasher-safe, which makes you more likely to use it regularly.

Health Grill

The Vitalic 1800 W Health Grill is a kitchen essential if you’re trying to eat healthily. Its unique design drains excess oil away from your food into a drip tray, reducing fats in your food. It heats up quickly and evenly, thanks to large double-sided 280 mm x 240 mm cooking plates. Additionally, the 180-degree hinge allows double capacity grilling. Its adjustable upper surface accommodates different food thicknesses.


The 1700 W Aria Airfryer offers a quick, convenient and healthy way to cook. With eight cooking modes with preset time and temperature settings, it uses hot air for a healthier alternative to deep frying. Cleaning is a breeze, as both the bin and basket are dishwasher-safe or easy to hand wash. Plus, it comes with a recipe book to kick-start your culinary adventures.

Eiger home appliances

Steam Irons

These aren’t for the kitchen or cooking, but the Oracle Steam Iron and Angato Steam Iron are definitely worth mentioning. The Oracle boasts 2600 W of power and a 400 ml water reservoir, delivering a burst of steam in a vertical direction. Both irons feature ceramic-coated soleplates for smooth ironing and a self-cleaning mode for steam jets. The Angato, at 2200 W, can be detached from its base and used as a ‘cordless’ iron for a short time, for ironing things like curtains in place. Very handy!

It’s good to remember that Builders offers way more than hardware, so the next time you’re looking for a big or small appliance for your home, head to your local Builders or visit builders.co.za.

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