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Steco 5500 Inverter

If you’re looking for a modern generator to solve your power problems, perhaps take a close look at the Steco 5000 W Inverter Generator. This compact yet powerful unit combines versatility and convenience in a neatly packaged, quiet design.

First let’s address the obvious question: what is an inverter generator as opposed to a plain old generator?

Inverter generators produce cleaner, more stable power by converting the raw power they produce into DC and then inverting it back to AC, maintaining a consistent frequency of 50 Hz. This makes them ideal for sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones, as they prevent power surges that can cause damage. Traditional generators, on the other hand, try to run at a constant speed or RPM to maintain the 50 Hz frequency. But, as the engine speeds up or slows down according to the load the generator is under, it can spike to above 50 Hz or drop below it, which damages sensitive electronics.

Steco 5500 Inverter
While power tools and other simple electrical device can survive this ‘dirty’ power, most appliances around the house contain sensitive electronics which will not hand the variance in frequency.

Back to the Steco 5000… This impressive unit features a closed frame, which cuts down on noise significantly compared to open-frame models. Despite its compact dimensions, it still weighs a hefty 40 kg, but bear in mind that’s only half the weight of a traditional generator. The convenient fold-up handle and rear wheels make it easy to move once on the ground.

One of the outstanding features of this generator is its dual-fuel capability. The four-stroke engine, which produces a maximum of 5500 W, can run on either unleaded petrol or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – the same gas you might use for your outdoor braai or kitchen stove. Talk about flexibility!

Steco 5500 Inverter
Setting up the Steco 5000 is straightforward. It requires 700 ml of four-stroke engine oil, while the petrol tank has a capacity of 11 L which is good for around five hours of run time at 2.2 L per hour. Alternatively, it uses approximately 1.5 kg of LPG per hour under no load. Expect this run time to decrease slightly under heavier loads.

If you want to use the LPG option, simply connect a gas cylinder via the supplied gas hose, which uses a 15.875mm BSP bullnose connector. This setup avoids the hassle and safety issues of carrying petrol jerry cans, especially on long trips.

Steco 5500 Inverter
The engine control dial includes settings for Off, Run, LPG and Petrol, defaulting to gas as the primary fuel source. Starting the generator is as easy as pressing the red start button and setting the dial to RUN. The unit features a recoil pull start as a backup if the battery is flat.

The generator includes a basic LED display showing volts, frequency and amp draw. The ECO switch is a great addition, reducing engine speed under low loads to save fuel and increasing it as needed when loads are added. For connectivity, it offers two standard plug points, a dedicated 12 V, 8.3 A output and two USB charging ports. Another clever feature is that the parallel operation port allows you to connect two Steco inverter generators together to double the wattage.

Steco 5500 Generator

The Steco 5000 W generator is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new, modern generator. Its dual-fuel capability, ease of use and efficient operation make it particularly attractive, while the inverter-type operation will keep your electronic items safe. Available at Builders, both in-store and online at, this generator is worth considering as a great all-round package.

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