Google, the biggest brand on the internet, has also got an incredible range of smart hardware, like the sensational Google Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini

Smart homes are powered by smart technology, but you need a way to control it. Well, the Google Nest Mini is just the ticket. This (very) smart speaker lets you manage and control your smart home, switching on lights, setting timers and flicking switches using just your voice.

The Google Nest Mini syncs with Google Home, a powerful app designed to manage your smart home. The Google Nest isn’t just a gadget; it integrates seamlessly with Google Services, becoming your personal assistant. It can stream audio, provide information and communicate with other devices – just think of it as a tech-savvy house mate! Imagine getting home from work and simply asking Google to turn on the lounge lights or play your favorite playlist. With smart switches, you can also control just about any device, like the geyser, pool pump and outdoor lighting.

Google Nest Mini
Before you can explore the endless potential of the Nest Mini, you need to set it up. Luckily, this is a breeze, especially if you already have a Google account. (You do need a Google account to use the Nest.) When that’s sorted, plug in your Nest, download the Google Home app to your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions. The app helps you to connect your Nest Mini to your Wi-Fi and introduces you to Google Assistant in a user-friendly format, typical of Google products. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all the features of your new smart speaker.
Google Nest Mini
It integrates seamlessly into the Google ecosystem, enriching your experience with services like Google Calendar, Maps, YouTube and Spotify, through voice-activated commands. You can ask about your schedule, check the weather or enjoy music, hands-free. Routine settings are a plus – just imagine saying goodnight and having all your lights turn off automatically.

The second-generation Google Nest features improved sound quality and superior voice recognition, integrating seamlessly into any room in your home. Although it’s not the loudest speaker around, the Nest Mini offers surprisingly crisp and clear audio for music, podcasts and the news, while its voice recognition capabilities have been finely tuned to better understand your commands for a responsive experience.

Google Nest Mini
The device itself looks modern, with a durable fabric top made of recycled plastic bottles. It is available in dark charcoal or chalk grey and is wall-mountable to be more versatile – it doesn’t have to clutter counter spaces. Bear in mind, though, the Google Nest Mini doesn’t have a battery, so it only works when it is plugged in.

If you’re worried about privacy, having a device sitting in your home waiting for you to speak to it, you’ll be pleased to hear that it does have a physical switch on it that can turn the microphone completely off.

Google Nest Mini
The Google Nest Mini is an affordable entry point into the smart home market, offering substantial functionality for its price and making it an excellent choice for those looking to make their living space smarter without breaking the bank. More than just a voice-controlled speaker, it is a lifestyle upgrade capable of enhancing your home with modern convenience and connectivity.

We’ll leave you with a tip: if you want to go the smart root, embrace and invest in one ecosystem so that everything is designed to work together – it’s just easier and more effective.

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