Discover the textured charm of Fired Earth Severe Weather for your next exterior painting project.

Fired Earth Severe Weather

Are you considering painting the exterior of your house? Whether you’re looking to freshen up tired walls or simply want a colour change, the vast selection of paints at your local Builders’ store can be overwhelming – and that’s before you need to choose a colour! But fear not, because we’re going to introduce you to Fired Earth Severe Weather, a textured paint that brings character to your walls.

Fired Earth Severe Weather is a modified acrylic wall coating designed for both interior and exterior use. It offers excellent UV and weather resistance, contains quartz for added strength and features Poly-tech Fibre for flexibility and enhanced crack-bridging properties. It’s also a textured paint, which means that it doesn’t dry to a smooth finish but rather has a bit of beautiful, slightly rough character to it. One of the standout features of this paint is its ability to conceal imperfections, such as uneven surfaces and patched areas.

Before you start painting, proper preparation is crucial: give your walls a thorough clean with a soft bristled broom and, if necessary, use a sugar soap solution for stubborn marks. Ensure that the walls are completely dry before proceeding.

Fired Earth Severe Weather

To protect your surroundings, lay down a heavy-duty drop sheet and consider wearing a dust coat and pants to avoid colour mishaps on your clothing. Don’t forget to mix the paint well. Because you can’t tell how long paint cans have been sitting make it a habit to always ask the friendly Builders staff to put them on the paint-mixing machine before you take them home.

A popular paint technique is to use two different colours on your walls, such as a lighter colour on the walls and a darker colour on accents such as window boxes, barge boards or door frames. Begin with the lighter colour, like Severe Weather High Heat and remember to mask windows and other areas you don’t want to paint. If you start with the darker colour, any paint that goes where it’s not supposed to will be hard to cover up with the lighter colour.

Fired Earth Severe Weather
When first applying the paint, you may notice some colour bleed through from the original coat, but you’ll achieve full coverage after applying the second coat. When you’re ready to paint the darker accent colours, like Severe Weather Tsunami, mask off areas such as window frames and apply two coats for complete coverage. Severe Weather can also be used on fibreboard, which is what barge and fascia boards are often made of.
Fired Earth Severe Weather
When joining two colours on a corner, roll your roller flat with a slight overhang to ensure seamless blending. If necessary, adjust the angle slightly of the roller to achieve a smooth transition. Remember also to apply two coats of the darker colour and allow ample drying time between coats.
Fired Earth Severe Weather
When you’ve complete, don’t forget to clean up your equipment before the paint on it starts to dry. With its water-based formulation, clean-up of Severe Earth is a breeze with water and soap.

So, armed with Fired Earth Severe Weather, you’re ready to transform the exterior of your house with confidence and create a stunning finish that lasts.

The complete range of Fired Earth paints as well as all the painting accessories you may need are available from Builders.

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