Rust-Oleum Metallic

Add touches of glamour and gold to your holiday table when your spray paint pears to create small budget – big impact place settings. Pears and gold spray paint – the perfect pair.

A Perfect Pairing - Rust-Oleum Metallic

Create the look

What you’ll need:

  • Pears – as many as you have guests to seat and a few extra – not too ripe
  • Drop sheet
  • Paper or board for the name tags and glue
  • Bright Coat Metallic Finish – gold


For a project like this there’s no need to use a primer – just wipe clean ahead of painting. Work in a well ventilated area – if you opt to be outside make sure you are not spray painting in direct sunlight and protect your work area with a drop cloth. Select and use the firmest of the fruit you have. If not pears apples work well. Line up your fruit and use your Comfort Grip for easy spraying if you have one.

Top Tip

Food that’s been spray painted is not safe for human consumption. Do not eat your painted pears.


Shake your Bright Coat Metallic Finish can for one minute after you hear the mixing ball begin to rattle. Hold the can upright, 30cm from the pear line up and spray light even coats using slow steady hand motions to avoid drips and runs. Remember to spray the twigs. Let the pears cure for 20 minutes before applying the second and final coat – if they even need it.


Leave for two to four hours before handling and attaching leaf cut out name tag cards.

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