Sometimes less really is more. If you want to add a touch of handmade sophistication and charm to your festive décor, take advantage of the holidays and get busy making your own wall hanging mobile.

To create your festive Hanging Wall Mobile, follow these easy steps.

You will need:
1 x dowel stick
1 x ball of twine
Spray Mate Metallic spray paint – colour/s of choice
1 x pair craft scissors
Glue gun and glue sticks
Items for decorating – mini pine cones, pine leaves, feathers, cardboard stars etc.

Cut the dowel stick to the length you want the hanging mobile to be. Cut a long enough piece of twine to attach to both ends of the dowel stick, with enough ‘give’ so that the twine forms a wide ‘v’ when hung.

Cut the number of lengths of twine you want to hang your ornaments or decorations from. Tie the individual pieces of twine onto the dowel stick.

Spray the mini pine cones, pine leaves, stars, feathers etc. with Spray Mate Metallic spray paint and allow to dry thoroughly.

Glue the spraypainted items to the ends of the twine. If the item is too heavy to be supported by the glue, you can tie it on using ribbon, leather or twine.

Whether you’re going for handmade sophistication and charm or you want to dazzle with some sparkle, it’s easy to bring your festive flair to life with this easy to make Hanging Wall Mobile.

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