Here are some tips to consider for your garden before a cold front.

  1. Protect your newly planted seedling by placing a layer thick layer of mulch around any bare and exposed soil. Exposed soil is sure to wash away during heavy rains.
  2. Make sure wheelbarrows are stored away, upright and safely.
  3. If your irrigation system does not have a rain sensor please ensure that it is switched off.
  4. Clivias are in full flower and the rain can really spoil them! Use old frost guard or shade cloth over lengths of plastic electrical conduit stuck into the soil on either side of the plants – in an instant you have a mini green house.
  5. If there are any seeds that you have been wanting to harvest but have just not had the time then get out there and get it done before the rains come and spoil the dry seed.
  6. Cover any bare area of soil with leaves, straw or dry grass to prevent and wash away.
  7. If you have not had a chance to fertilise your lawn or garden then make sure you got your stash so when the first rains drops fall you can rush out and give the garden a good treat!

Courtesy: The Gardener
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