1. Durability
  2. Vinyl floors are highly durable and can handle high traffic for long durations of time without taking any damages. This makes modern vinyl floors ideal for commercial spaces and institutions as they require floors that are tough and lasts long.

  3. Low maintenance
  4. Vinyl tiles do not require your constant attention as they can tolerate impact, are resilient to abrasion and can be cleaned very easily. Vinyl is also dust free and can handle humid environments.

  5. Wide range
  6. Vinyl sheets and tiles are available in a variety of styles and patterns mimicking the look of regular tiles. Wood, concrete, stone and terrazzo are some of the major tile patterns available.

  7. Softer floors
  8. Vinyl flooring provides slightly softer floors in comparison to wood or tile. A thin layer of foam or felt is put underneath the vinyl tiles or sheet giving the floor a lot more flexibility.

  9. Water resistant
  10. Vinyl floors are water resistant. This property makes them the go-to tiles when it comes to the kitchen. As it is extremely easy to clean, the tiles in the kitchen do not require much attention compared to conventional tile because of its water-resistant properties.


Information from vinylflooringworld

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