Wouldn’t you love a lawn that takes care of itself? With this futuristic lawnmower, that’s pretty much true!

Einhell Robotic Lawnmower
Mowing the lawn is a chore for most of us – it’s not something that we look forward to during the week. But it definitely needs to be done. So what do we do? We get an Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Robot Lawn Mower Freelexo 500, that’s what!

Not only is it cordless, which means no tangled cables and that it can get the job done even during power outages, it’s operator-less too! As if out of a science fiction movie, it’s a little robot on wheels that whirs and whizzes around your lawn, trimming it and keeping it looking utterly perfect. It’s part of the Einhell Power X-Change range, which means it uses the same universal Einhell batteries as the other tools in the range. It comes with a 4 A 18 V battery as standard. The ‘500’ in the lengthy product name means that this mower can mow a garden of up to 500 m2 , which is more than enough for most suburban gardens. Remember – that’s the size of the lawn, not your whole property!

Einhell Robotic Lawnmower
As you’d expect of such a futuristic machine, it comes with loads of clever features. It has a rain sensor that will send it scurrying back to the shelter of its base. It can also be controlled using a phone or tablet, via the Einhell app. It also has intelligent battery management – when the battery drops to 30%, the mower will return to its base to charge itself. This means it never gets stranded with a flat battery.

A user-friendly on-board menu lets you set a mowing schedule and it is recommended that this mower operates daily or every second day, just trimming the top off the growing grass. The height of the cut can be set, obviously. The mower doesn’t follow an exact pattern when mowing, but moves about randomly until it has covered the entire lawn.

Einhell Robotic Lawnmower
You’re probably wondering how the mower knows where to cut? Well, it has an integrated camera and sensors that allow it to accurately identify the lawn as well as boundaries and obstacles. For example, the system identifies effortlessly walls, hedges, or trees using ultrasonic sensors, while optical boundaries such as bark mulch, tar and stones are recognised through the camera. This innovative approach eliminates the need for laborious boundary wire installation, allowing the robotic lawn mower to get mowing right out of the box.

Because the Freelexo 500 needs a permanent power supply, there are some installation steps that need to be taken, including a guide cable that helps the mower make its way back to the charging station.

This is a brilliant, fun, innovative tool that really does make garden maintenance that much simpler. Remember, you can find it as well as many other tools from the Einhell Power X-Change range at Builders, both in-store and online at builders.co.za.

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