Give your kitchen a makeover using Blendd Cement.


Step 1: Remove fittings

  • Remove zinc, plug covers, hooks, nails and appliances etc.

Step 2: Prepare the surface

  • Using a toothbrush & Blendd Prewash scrub all grime and dirt from grout lines
  • Scrub tiles and surfaces with scrubbing brush
  • Rinse well with clean water
  • Leave to dry for 12 hours

Step 3: Sand grout lines, tiles & tops

  • Wipe dust

Step 4: Tape

  • Tape all necessary areas for a clean and neat finish
  • Always remove the tape prior to when the cement has dried

Step 5: Trowel grout lines

  • Make a thick mix with your Blendd Cement by adding more powder to your mixture and fill the grout lines.
  • Leave to dry for 4-6 Hours

Step 6: Prime

  • Make a primer by adding the Blendd Thinning agent to your thick mixture until you achieve a paintable consistency
  • Apply a liberal coat to your surfaces as a primer
  • Leave to dry for a minimum of 12 hours

Step 7: Apply the first coat

  • Using your Blendd Trowel, apply your first coat to the surface
  • Do not apply thick coats, apply many thin coats (0.7mm) instead

Step 8: Sand

  • Sand between coats using P100/P120 to remove any high points

Step 9: Apply additional coats

  • Apply 2nd and 3rd coats
  • Coats can be applied within 2-4 hours of each other, ensuring the previous coat is strong enough to receive an additional coat
  • Apply as many thin coats as possible (0.7mm) to achieve your desired finish
  • The final coat should be left to cure for a minimum of 48 hours

Step 10: Sealer

  • Use a blondie brush (light bristle brush) and white mohair roller
  • Essential seal is used for walls and everyday light duty surfaces using the cut – roll and wipe with the mutton cloth method
  • Extreme seal is used on hard wearing surfaces like counter tops & floors using the cut and roll application method
  • Apply sealer in a 2-coat application. A 3rd coat can be applied to tops, floors and water prevalent areas to achieve a more durable finish
  • Wipe surfaces immediately after spills to prevent stains
  • It is important to note that water-based sealers are easy to use and are aesthetically pleasing, although they can never offer the complete stain resistance of a solvent based sealer.
  • It is important to take care of your surface by allowing it to cure for a full 7 days and always wipe spills immediately to prevent your surface from staining.
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