Gardening tools without the limitations of tangled cables, power outages or petrol.

Einhell Garden Tools
Tired of wrestling with tangled cords, being restricted by power outlets or dealing with the hassle of petrol-powered tools? Look no further – the future of gardening is here. It’s cordless, convenient and powered by the remarkable Einhell Power X-Change 18V lithium-ion battery platform. With Power X-Change, a single battery opens up a world of possibilities across a range of DIY and gardening tools, giving you the freedom to create and maintain your outdoor haven with ease.

There are a huge number of tools in the Power X-Change range, but here are five that will cover just about every job in the garden:

Einhell GE-CL 36 Li E-Solo Leaf Blower and Vacuum

1. Einhell GE-CL 36 Li E-Solo Leaf Blower and Vacuum

Managing fallen leaves and maintaining your garden’s pristine appearance is a breeze with the variable-speed Einhell GE CL 36 Li E-Solo Leaf Blower and Vacuum. Choose between blowing leaves into specific areas for effortless collection or vacuuming them into the provided bag – perfect for mulching and composting. For its 36 V power, this tool uses two Power X-Change 18 V batteries, ensuring prolonged operation. Equipped with wheels for easy manoeuvrability, a harness and ergonomic handles to reduce user fatigue, this tool is designed to make your leaf-clearing tasks a walk in the park.

Einhell GC-CL 18 LI E-Solo Cordless Leaf Blower

2. Einhell GC-CL 18 LI E-Solo Cordless Leaf Blower

Experience the thrill of quick and efficient outdoor cleaning with the Einhell GC CL 18 LI E-Solo Cordless Leaf Blower. With an impressive maximum airspeed of 210 km/h, this lightweight blower boasts ergonomic features such as a conveniently located trigger and speed control dial on the handle. Choose from six airspeed presets and work comfortably in an upright position thanks to the compact size, light weight and sensible nozzle shape, minimising user fatigue and maximising productivity.

Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li-Solo Cordless Hedge Trimmer

3. Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li-Solo Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Craft beautifully shaped hedges effortlessly with the lightweight GE CH 1846 Li-Solo Cordless Hedge Trimmer. Weighing in at just 2 kg, this tool offers easy manoeuvrability and features an ergonomic handle with a safety switch that instantly stops the blade when released. The diamond-ground blades ensure precise cuts of branches up to 15 mm thick which leave your hedges looking immaculate.

Einhell GE-LC 18/25 Cordless Chainsaw

4. Einhell GE-LC 18/25 Cordless Chainsaw

When thicker branches stand in your way, reach for the GE LC 18/25 Cordless Chainsaw. With an industry-standard Oregon chain and bar, this chainsaw can handle branches up to 230 mm in thickness. Safety features such as a chain brake and trigger safety switch provide peace of mind, while the soft grip handle houses the trigger and safety button for easy access. For added ease of use, the chain can be tensioned without the need for a tool.

Einhell GE-LC 18 Li T-Solo Cordless Powered Pruner

5. Einhell GE-LC 18 Li T-Solo Cordless Powered Pruner

No branch is out of reach with the GE-LC 18 Li T Cordless Powered Pruner. Its adjustable back and front handles, along with a seven-point pivot head that tilts up to 90°, allow you to access high branches effortlessly. Extendable from 1.8 m to 2.7 m this pruner features an Oregon chain and bar, which enables precise pruning of branches up to 170 mm in thickness. The tool-less chain tensioning feature makes things even easier.

With the Power X-Change range, gardening maintenance really is made easy. Simply pop in a charged battery and you’re ready to go. Discover the convenience of Einhell cordless gardening tools at Builders, both in-store and online at

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