Tired of spending hours sweeping up fallen leaves? The GC-CL 18 LI E-Solo leaf blower dispenses with the hassle.

Einhell Leaf Blower
Do you have a problem with fallen leaves cluttering up your outdoor space, or lawn clippings blowing onto your paths and driveways? Do you spend hours sweeping them away with a traditional broom? Well, there’s an easier way with the GC-CL 18 LI E-Solo cordless leaf blower from Einhell’s Power X-Change Garden tool range.

Leaf blowers are such useful tools and can turn a boring, time-consuming job into something that takes but a few minutes. This particular unit takes things up a level in convenience too, thanks to the interchangeable battery system it uses.

Einhell Leaf Blower
Operating on an 18 V battery, it is part of the Einhell Power X-Change battery platform, a versatile system where any number of DIY and garden tools use the same 18 V battery and charger. This means that you can own one or two batteries and one charger, then switch them between garden tools or even your cordless drill, reducing the overall purchase price per tool. The batteries themselves range in capacity from 2 Ah to 8 Ah, depending on your needs.

Obviously, this comes with all the benefits of cordless technology – no more tangled cords, smelly petrol or downtime during loadshedding. It also means you’re not limited to the length of your extension cord and can wander all the way down your driveway, cleaning as you go. These machines are quiet, too, so you won’t be upsetting your neighbours if you do some leaf blowing early on a Sunday morning.

Einhell Leaf Blower
Designed with comfort in mind, the leaf blower features an ergonomic handle for a firm but comfortable grip, while the specially designed nozzle directs air at an optimal angle for easy and effective blowing. Boasting an impressive maximum blowing speed of 210 km/hour, this blower delivers outstanding performance that is adjustable from levels 1 to 6. Sometimes a gentler breeze is all you need to whisk those leaves away…

This fantastic leaf blower and other battery-powered garden tools from Einhell are available at Builders, both in-store and online at builders.co.za.

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