Bring your garden indoors by adding different shades of green to your bathroom.

The warm, humid conditions in a well-lit bathroom are ideal for many tropical plants. If your bathroom has no natural light, provide it artificially by using a light bulb that promotes plant growth. Because bathrooms tend to be small, placing plants on the floor is often not an option. Most bathroom plants will do well on a shelf or hanging from the ceiling, and if your bathroom has a window, a window sill is also a good option.

Low-light plants do best

Most bathrooms have small or no windows, so the best bathroom plants don’t need much light. While low light plants can live on little light, they do need some. Make sure your bathroom fixtures use fluorescent light bulbs, as fluorescent produce the wavelengths of light that plants need from the sun.

Plants must thrive in humidity

Choose plants that thrive in a humid and moist environment. While many succulents need low light, high humidity will kill them, so choose carefully.

Eco tip: Keep a bucket in your bathroom – It takes five or 10 seconds for the shower water to heat up. Capture that water in a bucket and use it to water the plants.

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