Saving water is good for the planet – and for your pocket, so use it sparingly.

1. Turn off the tap

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. You waste about six litres of water a minute if you leave the tap running.

2. Fix leaks

You’d be surprised how much water comes out of a dripping tap! It all adds up: get those leaks fixed.

3. Time your showers

Invest in a shower timer. Your showers shouldn’t last longer than five minutes.

4. Use a water restrictor

Change your shower rose for one with a restrictor. This will allow you to enjoy your shower while using less water.

5. Use a plug

You can reduce your water usage by up to half if you put the plug in when shaving or washing your hands.

6. Install a dual-flush loo

Older loos waste thousands of litres of water. Upgrade to a modern toilet or retrofit a dual-flush siphon to reduce wastage.

7. Run shallow baths

Try not to run a bath for more than eight minutes. This will give you enough water for a leisurely soak.

8. Flush less

Don’t flush your loo unnecessarily. Use a dustbin for make-up wipes, tissues and other waste.

9. Lower your geyser temperature

Doing so will save on electricity costs. Although geysers come well insulated, extra insulation helps them retain the heat even longer and so reduce your energy costs.

10. Monitor your water

Two thirds of water consumption in your home comes from the bathroom. A water meter is a good way to keep track of it and to identify leaks.

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