Use textured spray paint to bring ugly, weatherbeaten pots back to life.

Materials you will need:

  • Approx two cans Rust-Oleum flat white primer
  • Approx two to four cans (depending on pot size) Rust-Oleum textured spray paint – Autumn Brown is the base colour used here
  • One can Rust-Oleum textured spray paint of a lighter color, in this case Rustic Umber
  • Choose a dust-free, well-ventilated area to do your spray painting.

Top tip: When using spray paint, hold the spray can upright approximately 20 to 30 centimetres from the surface you’re painting and spray, moving your hand continuously so you don’t get splotches or runs.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the pots, removing all excess dirt and any insects and spider webs that might have made their home under rims. Leave to dry completely.

Step 2

If you’re revamping a pot that already has a plant in it, you’ll need to either remove the plant or protect it. Masking tape and old newspapers do the trick.

Step 3

The first layer is the primer. Shake well and coat the pot evenly. Also prime a generous rim inside the pot where the soil won’t cover. Allow 30 minutes to dry thoroughly.

Top Tip: Rather than a few thick coats, spray more thin layers to give a smoother finish.

Step 4

You should always shake spray paint well before applying, even more so with textured paint as the granules tend to settle easily. Shaking a couple of times during the process also helps. Spray two to three coats of your base colour (in this case Autumn Brown), allowing at least 30 minutes in between for the paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 5

While the final coat of your base colour is still wet, give a light spray of a paler shade (in this case Rustic Umber), so that the final look isn’t a flat color.

Step 6

Allow to dry completely and then pot up, or unwrap the protective newspaper from your old plant.

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