Spruce up your foyer with beautiful wall panels.

Materials you will need:

  • spirit level
  • tape measure
  • L-square ruler
  • saw and mitre box
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • wallpaper (±1.8m per panel – we used leftover pieces)
  • wallpaper adhesive
  • 3 x polystyrene cornices (50mm x 2m) per panel
  • cornice adhesive
  • paint

Step 1

Measure and mark where the panels will be positioned on the wall; use a spirit level to make sure everything is level and straight.

Step 2

Cut the wallpaper to the length of your panels.

Step 3

Mix the wallpaper adhesive according to the package instructions, apply it to the back of the wallpaper with a brush, and hang the wallpaper on the marks you made in step 1. Smooth out any bubbles with your hands.

Step 4

Use the mitre box to cut the cornices according to the size of your panels. You will need two short sides and two long ones for each panel.

Step 5

Cover the cornices with two coats of paint. Also paint around the edges, as some of it will be visible when attached to the wall. Let the paint dry.

Step 6

Apply the cornice adhesive to the back of the cornices and attach to the wall. Fill the holes at the corners with the cornice adhesive. Wipe any excess away with a damp cloth. Let it dry and touch up with paint.


Referenced from Gallo images / Home Magazine

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