Planted the right way, plants in a hanging basket will be happy and healthy.

Baskets of cascading flowers or herbs are super to hang from pergolas or under roof eaves. Tucked away like this, they don’t benefit from rainfall and can be forgotten when you‘re focused on watering the surrounding garden but not the hanging one. If you think you might be a forgetful gardener, consider planting baskets with succulents, which are more forgiving of dry conditions. Add some creativity by planting different succulent species in the same basket.

Tips for hanging baskets

  1. Choose a variety of different plants that have compatible water and light intensity needs.
  2. If you’re using a wire basket you’ll need a coir liner, which you place in the basket frame, ensuring that it is the correct size and fits snuggly. Put plastic in the lower half of the basket liner to slow down the drainage of water. Puncture drainage holes in the base of the plastic.
  3. Mix up one part river sand with three parts of potting soil to improve drainage for the succulents.
  4. Place the soil into the basket. Remove the plants carefully from their nursery pots.
  5. Position the plants in the basket. Make sure they’re at the correct depth. Fill with soil in between the plants and firm down with a stout stick.
  6. Water immediately to settle the plants into their new home.
  7. Now you can hang your basket.
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