Whether you fancy cutting straight or in curves, the jigsaw takes top honours in versatility, precision finishes and exact cuts.

When fitted with the right blade (fine, medium or coarse), a jigsaw is an outstanding DIY tool and can cut wood, manufactured board and several other materials. You need extrafine blades for cutting metal, and there are also special blades for cutting ceramic tiles and fibreglass.
Remember: the closer the teeth, the finer the cut. When choosing a jigsaw, check for features such as variable speed and an adjustable baseplate so you can cut at angles other than 90°. It’s excellent for cutting stenciled designs and other shapes into wood to a maximum depth of about 50 to 75mm.

Top Tips

  • Let a jigsaw cut at its own speed – you will not get a straight cut if you force or push it. Also, always use a guide.
  • If your jigsaw blades are breaking, make sure they are screwed in tight enough and facing in the right direction.
  • If they continue to break, your cutting angle might be too tight for the blade you are using.
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